One question that you never have been asked as a photographer, or at least we have not had asked. “Do you back up your wedding files, and how?”

We will often see wedding magazines here and there, whether we are out grocery shopping or airport hopping and pick one up just to see what is inside, whether it be the images or the content. I don’t think that most of them have caught on to the digital era at this time as to what questions now should and need to be asked when consulting with a potential photographer. One in particular is of course back-up equipment, which everyone asks about but how deep should you really pry when trying to figure out to what extent your wedding image files will actually be saved?

Here at RP we found out just how valuable our back ups truly were when a virus swept into our main computer where we access all our files and began deleting the folders right before our very eyes! Suddenly you just start seeing them disappear! Talk about scary! We immediately shut down and disconnected our network as we always keep a back up set of files stored on external disks. With that said we purchased a new 4-Bay Hot-swappable RAID 0/1/5/6/JBOD NAS (For gadget geeks such as Srinu it runs on Linux). This certainly is our best investment yet. So all of last week here at RP we were copying all of our back up files to our new backup system.

Most people would probably think to themselves, “Why in the world would they share this???”, Well for the same reason we feel that it is so important to make sure that your images are in good hands no matter who you hire to shoot your wedding day. With that said we are up to date and current with all of our shipments and those of you who are awaiting orders they have been shipped and are on their way! Be sure to check your inboxes for UPS tracking info.

Regeti's Photography Packaging sent to clients VIA UPS in custom boxes.

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