Jamie Sears, with A Simply Chic Event

We had the pleasure of photographing Jamie Sears, owner of A Simply Chic Event this afternoon. We have had a busy week of coordinators we must admit. More the merrier as we say! We cannot stress how important wedding coordination is to our clients and typically if they don’t already have one booked when they arrive it is the first thing that we highly suggest!

I don’t think that everyone truly gets the purpose of an awesome and talented coordinator although I will try to keep it short I will list a few of the top reasons that we as photographers feel a coordinator is so extremely important to any affair big or small:

(1) They are like having a little pampering in your pocket all day long on the wedding day, seeing to it that everything is running like a well oiled machine. They are there to worry so that you do not. Better known to some as peace of mind.

(2) They help pull everything together when you are planning. Such as menu cards, favors, flowers, lighting, and all the other things that truly need to coordinate with one another to make your affair turn out just the way you envisioned it.

(3) It is pretty much a guarantee that whatever you pay out for their services will come back to you and then some. It is their job to be well connected in the industry and provide you with the most valuable resources for your wedding day saving you both time and money. Who was it that said “Time is Money.” ? LOL…. that could not have been spoken any truer than it was.

We won’t saturate the post with too much, however we could tell stories and stories of why a coordinator may very well wind up being your most powerful and useful wedding asset, but we will save it for another post another day. Back to the beautiful Jamie Sears!

Wedding and Event Coordinator
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