Tappin’ the Rockies!

UPDATE: Link to fighting video !!!

Hello Colorado! So talk about the funnest BD Marathon yet! After being treated out to dinner at Ted’s (Awesome food!) we returned back for the pajama party while those ladies staying at the hotel came to our room for some fun shots!


First a word from the ladies!

Who knew that I would enjoy sharing a shower with so many hot ladies… Pixy

I will be getting less sleep this weekend than my last time in Vegas! Julia

Did you know a goldfish can live for up to 75 years?! I learned that and many other valuable tidbits of information on my first trip to Colorado. A good time was had by all. – Donkey

It’s not easy being gangsta. -Gewy

I just do what I’m told =) -Larissa

Guess what? When you fall straight on your tailbone, it really, really, really hurts. But you gotta recover like a rock star. And I am a rock star. – Trew

Lovely ladies in the lavatory. Does it get any better? -Kristin

That’s a wrap for Friday!

[qt:/video/tara.mov 480 256]

More here …

[qt:/video/colorado.mov 480 256]

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