Hot Off the Press!

Hot off the press and we have not even left yet! Just got an email from one of our girls from yesterday that we wanted to share… we will be back in tomorrow to blog a few details from the weekend but until then here is a quick fan mail!

Amy & Srinu

I know you guys are still down here working your butts off but I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful time yesterday! I have never been comfortable in front of a camera but yesterday it felt almost natural, even in my underwear y’all made me feel fully clothed! I have never before felt so sexy and beautiful and I thank you from the very bottom of heart and I am sure my husband will too ;).

I think I may have my friend convinced to them if y’all ever come back down here, she is a beautiful person and I know her husband would die! But she says only Srinu at the camera and Amy directing. You guys have definitely found your calling and I wish you continued success. Maybe the next time you are down I will be pregnant and you can do my maternity shots!

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