RP Tip #11: Wedding Colors and Impact

Disclaimer: RP Tips are based solely on our experiences as full time wedding photographers and posted at our discretion. RP Tips may not suit everyone’s wants or needs. RP Tips are offered as a benefit to brides planning their wedding day in an effort to get the best results from a photographer from our stand point. RP Tips are a trademark of Regeti’s Photography owned and operated by Amy and Srinu Regeti.

Wedding colors have an extreme imapct on your images and the way they are portrayed throughout your album. It is very important to take the time to pick colors that speak true volume and depth about your relationship and personalities and not too be worried about being to bold cause it could never happen! Bolder is better. It is always the wild colors that will be talked about for years to come when people remember the affair and how amzing it was. Color is so very important in order to bring out other lighter colors and to bring high contrast to a room.

Most of us are not great at coordinating colors unless we have a degree in design so it never hurts to consult a professional regarding your wedding day color palette or to speak in more depth about your color selections to your florist or event decorator, they are the true eye to a great color guide!

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