RP BD Contest Winners!

First off I want to say that this contest has opened our eyes to what the true meaning of boudoir is to a lot of girls! In 10 days we received about 70 entries for our contest and have narrowed it down to 3! Our judges were all very torn when having to score the entries, one even called and asked if they had to!!!

Here is what our judges had to say upon handing over their ballots:

“Two hit me the most. I was really picky hehe 😉
GL and what a fabulous idea. Happy V Day to you!”

“Ok – I’ve attached my scoring. It was really hard, but I found a few that really stood out to me! Can’t wait to hear the results.”

“Dum-Ta-Ta-Dum! Thank you for the pleasure of being one of your select judges!
Can’t wait to see how it all turns out for you!”

“I have reviewed all the bios and assigned individual scores. All of the bios were extremely heartfelt and sincere. However, there can only be a few winners. Attached are my results.
Thank you for allowing me to judge the contests.”

As for the three winners, two have been confirmed and have given permission to release their information while the other is still awaiting confirmation. Here are two of the submissions that were selected. We will post the third after she has contacted us!

And here are the RP Winners!

    Kelly of North Carolina

I cannot wait to marry my best friend on May 27, 2007. I am so blessed to soon be calling my fiancé, Nick, my husband; however, our relationship has not always been the easiest. Nick joined the Army immediately following high school, and has since been in service 10 years. After three deployments, he made the decision to become a Reservist and begin his undergraduate education. Due to recent events, however, he has since been called back to active duty and has been deployed as a member of the Military Police since October 30, 2005. Throughout this deployment, I have done my very best to support him by sending care packages, letters, cards, and the occasional e-mail when it is accessible. I am so excited for his expected return home in the beginning of April 2007, although we remain aware of the next looming deployment, to come within the year. I am extremely proud of my fiancé as he serves our country overseas, and I would love to be able to give him a gift that is a reminder of me and the love we share. I believe Boudoir photographs would be the perfect way to do this while he is deployed. He would be so surprised that I even had the nerve to go through with the session! Planning a wedding to be held in Cincinnati, I have recently heard all the raves from the women who participated in the Regeti’s Boudoir marathon in January. I feel as though I’ve been living vicariously through them as they share stories about their experiences as well as their beautiful photographs. Although I would never typically think of myself as someone with the confidence or ability to pose in front of the camera, I was touched by the women who described the feeling of freedom and self-confidence they had during their session. I believe this feeling of self beauty is important for every woman to experience, both inward and outward. Receiving a free Boudoir session that I would under normal circumstances not be able to afford, I know I would also learn to love myself as past clients have. It seems to be amazing how differently women are able to see themselves when they are able to do it in a safe atmosphere from a different point of view. I now live in Durham, North Carolina, and am enrolled in graduate school at Duke University. I am an extremely fun person, and although shy at first, I eventually open up to those around me. I also love trying new things. This Boudoir session would be something out of character for me, but I believe it would help me grow as a woman and also give my fiancé a present he would love to have while being away from home. Thank you for your consideration for this amazing opportunity. I believe the Regeti’s team would be able to bring out my personality and make me feel beautiful, and I hope to have the chance to make this dream a reality.

    Heather of North Carolina!

“This paragraph is much harder to get started than I anticipated! I have been wanting to do this for awhile and the thought that I have a chance to win a session with you guys has got me all discombobulated… Ahem.. Ahem… Ahem…. la..lah…laaaaaah….. OK. I think I’m ready. 🙂
I’ve been married for a year and a half now and we’re getting to the point of thinking of starting a family. The cool thing about my husband is that I know he’ll love me no matter what I look like. But, If childbearing stretches me beyond recognition, I plan on making a life size enlargement of one of the pictures and I’ll superglue it to my motherly frame. I kid, I kid… 🙂 No, this would be something for the two of us to always have as a keepsake… something to mark this time when it was just the two of us, something to document the passion and excitement that we’ve shared thus far in our marriage. We are a fun couple. He’s always surprising me and I’d like to step it up a notch and blow his mind. I’d like to think of myself as having a great sense of humor… I’d hang out with me. Wait, is that conceited? I’m just saying, if I saw myself at a bar having a good time, I’d offer bizarro Heather a glass of wine. And then we would get up on stage and sing “”Just the Two of Us””. I’ll always try something once. I’m bite-your-head-off loyal to my family and friends. I love long walks on the beach and sunsets… *snicker*…. And as you may or may not have picked up by now – I’m a goofball to the core.
To sum it up, I just think this would be a great opportunity to have fun, surprise my husband, and look like a minx courtesy of the Regeti’s.”

    Allison of Virginia!

2007 started out looking like it was going to be a rather rough year. After a great holiday season and engagement party with my fiancé, we found out 4 days later he would be deployed to Iraq. Not only would I not be able to see him for a year, but all our plans for our dream wedding would have to be cancelled. After a couple days of being miserably upset, I really started to feel like all of this has reinforced what is most important to us, the love that my fiancé and I share for each other. The reason I feel like I should receive the session for free would be that it would be a nice gift for my fiancé to share before he left and something special he could take with him to Iraq. I would describe myself as having a good sense of humor, quick with a response and always up for almost anything with my good friends. I would say taking boudoir pics would be something no one close to me would ever picture me doing, which is even more incentive for me to surprise my fiancé and hopefully myself with.

And lastly being the Regeti’s after tallying up the scores and revealing the winners we had the chance to go through and read the entries in which we have selected two additional entries in which we will offer sessions to in the Fall!

They are:

    Erin of Virginia!

“While I can’t say I definitely deserve this over other brides (that’s your decision to make!) I can tell you that I am applying to be considered after the most tragic year of my life and some important lessons learned. In 2006 I lost my mother very suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s a pain I live with every second of every day.

Through the grieving process I’ve truly come to understand the old saying, “”life is too short,”” and have started living my life by a new mantra: “”life is too short not to [fill in the blank].”” One of my “”[fill in the blanks]”” is to be happy with who I am and what I’ve got (or haven’t got). Rather than incessantly pointing out the physical imperfections, of which we are all guilty, I’m learning how important it is to stop wasting that time with negative thoughts, and instead celebrate who we are and be happy with our bodies – something my mother never achieved and something my fiancé has tried to get me to do for the last nearly seven years. This session represents celebration to me. And through this new outlook, I hope I can convince others that they are worthy of celebration, too!”

Second is still waiting confirmation, we will update once it is received!

Congratulations to the winners of the RP BD Contests and to everyone who submitted their application as we would have loved to have offered 70 sessions. Each and every entry was worth a free boudoir session of its own as each story shined and played its part tugging on our heart strings. After reviewing all the applications we hope that the girls who unfortunately were not selected push themselves into finding a photographer to meet their needs and provide you with the session, as we strongly feel the empowerment it may provide you with is simply priceless.

Our Sincerest Thanks to All of You!
The Regeti’s!

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