RP Tip #5: Break the Box!

Disclaimer: RP Tips are based solely on our experiences as full time wedding photographers and posted at our discretion. RP Tips may not suit everyone’s wants or needs. RP Tips are offered as a benefit to brides planning their wedding day in an effort to get the best results from a photographer from our stand point. RP Tips are a trademark of Regeti’s Photography owned and operated by Amy and Srinu Regeti.

As we sit back and go through past wedding galleries we often think what is the one thing that stood out the most about that particular wedding? Needless to say it is all the little things that add up that make the wedding what it is and many times even the photos what they are. While great photography is always a plus, it is always the things that we photograph that make the image what it is!

This is why we want to encourage Brides to just break the box, don’t step out of it but destroy it! We are looking forward to 2007 and all our Brides that have been spending so much time planning and putting together all the little details of their day. From the dress, to the rings, to the linens, to the flowers. Being bold and brave with the colors and implementing new ideas, yet heard of. We truly feel color makes things come alive and by expressing yourselves with colors will help add to your images and their outcome. Keep this in mind when you plan on where you would like to do your bridal party shots as well.

We ourselves are looking forward to breaking the box!

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