Do you love your vendor?

We are very excited to be part of a new and upcoming website called Wedding Wire! Best yet Erica formerly with Modern Bride is now over there with Laura Auer from Soiree Special Event great team! It is an awesome website that is up and coming that is going to be a new and creative way to link the Bride to her Vendors in a way that truly matters! Not only that, but connect you to other Brides too! With engaged couples continually struggling to find the vendor that best suits their needs and vendors constantly searching for new ways to expand their businesses, WeddingWire set out to solve this persistent disconnect and provide both parties with simple, yet productive, channels to interact.

Ultimately, WeddingWire is about simplifying your wedding planning by leveraging technology. Whether you are looking for information about a specific vendor, need to comparison shop across vendors, require robust and intuitive management tools, or just want to connect with other engaged couples to share and collaborate, WeddingWire seeks to provide best-in-breed solutions to ease the entire wedding planning process. We highly encourage you to go to and rate your vendors whether good or bad your vote counts!

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