Post-it Note about RP BD Sessions

We wanted to quickly post a note in regards to our Marathons as we typically do get a lot of emails in regards to them the weekend after we have one.

Our Boudoir Marathons are strictly to cater to our bridal clientele regardless of whether we are shooting your wedding or not we only serve brides and the Mrs. wishing to present their significant others with a tasteful and unique anniversary gift. The Marathons are always done in good taste no NUDES or anything that would be considered by Regeti’s to be distasteful. Our approach is provocative with an artful classiness. We are a traveling husband and wife team providing a safe and comfortable session to many girls country wide. The Marathon’s simply allow us to bring our boudoir sessions out of our studio and into your city of choice. Due to demand we can only do 4 in a given year. Two in the Late Winter/Early Spring and two in the Late Fall/Early Winter. If you are interested please email us directly at info @ and we would be more than happy to explain to you how you can bring our services as husband and wife to a city near you!

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