Our babies are all grown up ;-)

It seems like yesterday they were just given birth to and today they are hopping all around with their eyes wide open interested in seeing the world in this new found light. The bunnies are officially two weeks old and full of spunk and energy now jumping out of the cage when we remove the top portion and running around chasing their Momma to feed all the time, now that in itself would drive me bonkers! I could not imagine 6 newborns chasing me around, she almost seems relieved when I separate her from them at this point. We are considering keeping two of the little ones the brown and white little one along with the gray one with the white scruff on his back neck and white tipped paws they are too cute. I think that each day that goes by it gets more and more difficult to think that we have to get rid of the little critters. We have learned more than we ever thought we would about rabbits that is for sure. My favorite aspect about them is that when you hold a rabbit of any size onto his back it puts him in a hypnotized state and you can just rub and love all over them because they literally go into sleep mode almost immediately and one thing is for sure they are easier and quieter than a dog! Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

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