Bunny Update! 2 1/2 Days old now!

Okay so we have six new baby bunnies and thankfully a slow week as we have been making sure that Mom and babies are well taken care of. Mommy, which we have renamed “Flower” is taking extremely good care of her little ones as it is almost so fascinating to see how mother nature jumps into play, simply by instinct! Just watching her maintain the nest along with the babies and the temperature fluctuations by placing and removing shavings and fur as she sees fit. Here are a few shots of the newborns at 2.5 days old as they are beginning to grow their hair. They are so cute and I have my eyes on the black one with the white stripe down the middle of his head. That one may be a keeper as long as it is a she! We are just so excited and thrilled as according to all our research they will be up and ready to run about and eat on their own on Christmas day! We will certainly be updating and keeping everyone informed on the progress of our newborns, as our next wedding will not be until the 30th of December. Got to fill up the blog with something!

d2s_2701.jpg d2s_2700.jpg Bunnies Growing up ! Bunnies Growing up !

Bunnies Growing up ! d2s_2703.jpg d2s_2702.jpg d2h_3292_2.jpg

d2h_3294.jpg d2h_3292_1.jpg

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