WhiBal difference.

Every now and then I get emails asking how I get the colors in my images so perfect. While I am flattered to get emails like that its such an easy thing to get right colors in your images. I have been using ExpoDisc every now and then but now life has become easier with WhiBal reference card ! One thing to keep in mind is to get the exposure right in the camera itself. It doesnt help too much if the images are overly underexposed or overexposed.

So here is a sample of the image I shot this morning in front on my house. It was very foggy and even if you preset your camera whitebalance to overcast its hard for the camera to predict the right color temperature. While most think that the first one looks pretty good, the second one I think looks better where the white balance was corrected with the WhiBal reference card.

Same image with two different whitebalance settings.

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