An RP Weekend …

What a lovely surprise!

When one of our Senior Class girls of 2006 stopped by to pick up her images brought with her this big beautiful basket full of lots of goodies and things some to include styling spray and a 1″ curling iron for our studio! Two things they needed during their session that we unfortunately did not have at the time but now we do! Thanks ladies you were all were a thrill and joy to work with in documenting your 2006 as well as Carmen’s b-day! Now, it is Brittany’s turn tomorrow!

senior gift b 03

senior gift b 02

senior gift b 01

Here are a few images of our wonderful senior gals…

2006senior gift b 01

2006senior gift b 02

2006senior gift b 03

2006senior gift b 04

2006senior gift b 05

2006senior gift b 06

2006senior gift b 07

2006senior gift b 08

2006senior gift b 09


Michelle & DavidÂ

And our weekend begins! Friday, we spent the evening with David and Michelle as they tied the knot during their evening ceremony at the Marriott North in Rockville, talk about beautiful locale and wonderful photo opt.’s needless to say the Marriott certainly caters to their brides. Watching the two of them dance together was enough to give chills to anyone near by and the speaches and the closeness of their families came straight from the heart. Every time we are at a wedding it never seems to fail that the butterflies and goose bumps rush over us time and time again as the bride and groom share their vows or they have their first dance as Mom drops again, one last tear! Everything ran so smoothly throughout the reception that there was no room left for flaws, we even had some time in between for a few additional RP Signature shots and anyone who knows Michelle knows she can’t forget the bling, check out her bouquet! Congratulations to the both of you on your wedded bliss!

This is her Maid of Honour looking at her RP Boudoir images ! Shocked maybe, well just a little.

mrmrs cool 01

mrmrs cool 02

mrmrs cool 03

mrmrs cool 04

mrmrs cool 05

mrmrs cool 06

mrmrs cool 07

mrmrs cool 08

mrmrs cool 09

mrmrs cool 10

mrmrs cool 11


Angel and Ryan Â

At 11:45pm we were off to fill up gas then onto McDonald’s and on our way down to Virginia Beach, arriving at 4am, just enough time for a little shut eye before we were to arrive at our Saturday bride Miss. Angel as she began to get her day started. We were with Angel from 10am-10pm and had a blast at the beach taking some great shots of the bridal party and Bride and Groom, this was one fun couple to spend the weekend with as they partied the night away leaving room for of course a few last dramatic RP Signature shots! Don’t have too much fun in Bali without us now!Congrats guys!

angeldelarosa ryan wed 01

angeldelarosa ryan wed 02

angeldelarosa ryan wed 03

angeldelarosa ryan wed 04

angeldelarosa ryan wed 05

angeldelarosa ryan wed 06

angeldelarosa ryan wed 07

angeldelarosa ryan wed 08

angeldelarosa ryan wed 09

angeldelarosa ryan wed 10


Aleisha and Brad

Needless to say time flies only to wake up on October 1st (My Birthday, Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…. Yada yada ya… won’t bore you with all that jazz!) to squeeze in a little Bridal time with another one of our Bride and Grooms in Virginia Beach at the Convention Center and Veterans” Memorial Park! Talk about a blast! Yes, dear ladies our bride got into the water fountain here and what a great shot it was! The fabric of this dress was so awesome as it did not even retain the water.

Brad Aleisha Bridal 01

Brad Aleisha Bridal 02

Brad Aleisha Bridal 03

Brad Aleisha Bridal 04

Brad Aleisha Bridal 05

Brad Aleisha Bridal 06

Brad Aleisha Bridal 07

Our weekend ended abruptly, as we pass our condolences onto our August Bride and Groom Mr. and Mrs. Elliott as they grieve the loss of a dear loved one, her grandfather. May you both know that our hearts go out to you and your family during this difficult time and may you be forever comforted knowing that you will always have one another. These are probably the last pictures that were ever taken of him.Â

carin gp 01

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