Update on Wedding Photography.

We know and understand the controversy along with this new “MEDIA DRIVIN” concept that the getting ready photos that we are taking as photojournalist are now being considered as “WEDDING BOUDOIR” while I argued that with ABC and told them many times during the interview that there is a fine line between a brides getting ready shots and an actual Boudoir session I would not classify the two as the same, nor would our brides, it is simply us documenting their day the way it happened. Our brides want these images and while they are more of an intimate moment in their day and they aren’t willing to share them with others and most often have them removed before families view their galleries, it is still a very important part of their day. Needless to say we have only received written permission for only a few images and some which we were given permission only if we chopped of their heads in the image, due to their fear that the consequences of sharing with national TV could cause them to be dismissed from their positions. I really feel that the media is trying to put the spin on the getting ready shots as “Boudoir” I have assured them it is not, I have told them that most of our clients contract for a complete separate session altogether, thus the reason for opening our studio on July 1st!

Part of what ABC asked was whether we feel it is a trend or not, the age groups in which we see it happening more frequently, the denomination that seems to be targeting it the most, and while I answered them based on our experiences I know that there will be some difference of opinion on it, nothing comes out in the media that isn’t greatly debated, needless to say what they may do when they beautifully edit and polish the story, right!?* As we know and were told other locals here refused the interview when approached. I am sure with good reason as well.

We live in the “GOOD OLE BOY TOWN” and I am sure people will start chatting in disagreeance to what they feel it is we capture on the wedding day, but honestly it is their personal opinion and they have rights to it, to each is his own, right.

Even here I am sure that we all have our difference of opinions as to whether those getting ready shots on the day of are actually to be considered “Boudoir photography” we ourselves would not agree to that accusation.

Regeti and I are a husband and wife team and unfortunately due to time limitations they could only interview one of us, but this was discussed in great detail between the both of us before we even agreed to interview. We even polled our Brides and they were all in support of us supporting what they feel is appropriate on national TV.

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