Brittney plays Recorder

Today Brittney played Recorder at her school. Guess I never really paid attention to her practice that she did in her room. She was pretty good ! I am so proud of her. She did something that I always wanted to do as a kid. I used to practice my flute a lot … but was never able to play it on a stage or perform in front of an audience. Now my family is the most unfortunate audience putting up with my flute (it is my 2004 christmas present).

Anyways … I was stuck in traffic and almost missed her show ! She was so excited to see me !

brumfield 001

Here is another one …

brumfield 044

For family and friends who are checking out my blog regularly – if you want to see all the pictures that I took then click here.

and finally here is one last picture (Brijesh is hiding somewhere…)
brumfield 068

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