Ok here is a fact.

Lot of people ask me if I take lot of pictures of my kids (I have four) when I go on interviews for photo assignments. Well the answer is yes, though I am not taking as many as I used before. Its getting more and more difficult to photograph my kids these days not because they dont want to cooperate but they now compete with each other to get their pictures taken. I will have to find the picture I took of all four for christmas of 2004 and thought to myself if I could photograph my kids then I can photograph anything (took me an hour to get one picture where all four were looking into the camera – they were 8,4,2 years and 8 months old). So here are few more pictures …


My wife here is trying to put a bindi (black dot) on her. Dont ask me the background on it because there are several reasons for it. For now the answer is it looks more traditional.


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